I'm a graphic designer and production artist, and a believer in positive influence upon audience experience through the tools of design. Extensive foundation in print design, constantly revising and expanding skill set. 
As a designer with one foot consistently in production, I have expertise in bridging the divide between creative and deployment; always with the goal of sharing that bridge with others. I rapidly grasp and internalize specs and requirements (and formalize them when needed), and work obsessively to move assets through the pipeline and out the door with a sense of adventure and a never-say-die attitude, striving for exacting perfection while tracking (all the) deadlines.
Expert in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, file types, color theory, typography and layout practices, I have a working knowledge of HTML/JS/CSS and am a pretty solid copyeditor. Also a supportive team player and mesh really well with people who are equally invested in execution. I bring all this to bear in seeing through deliverables with care, speed, accuracy and artistry.
Started as a "designer" at the front desk of a copy store in 2005. Since then I've endlessly pursued my own education in graphic design. I've worked as designer and desktop publishing specialist in contexts of marketing, procurement, localization, copyediting, prepress and digital/offset printing and direct mail. 
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