Hedge fund monthly performance newsletter
This is a monthly report issued by a local hedge fund manager for the main long/short fund managed by the firm.

Original document was a PDF produced directly from the client's Excel file, with minimal formatting. In total, the project encompassed template creation in InDesign; data gathering, processing and entry; graphic design functions in order recreating the client's logo from the low-resolution version provided; typing and proofreading, PDF creation, updating form monthly through data gathering from various financial indices and sites, and data entry.

Document numbers were produced by continously monitoring benchmark and market performance returns on a monthly basis and updating the client's spreadsheets directly, then filling in the template produced in Adobe InDesign.
recreated logo in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Client's original PDF, direct export from Excel, left. Recreated basic layout in InDesign as starting point, right.
Final draft, later issue of newsletter.

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